As a company and as athletes, our goal is to be better than yesterday. Whether it's using the most technically advanced and sustainable materials or giving our all in every training session, our determination to improve is what drives us.

Yosh Cycling is a family run company that began from the desire to combine the passions of cycling, ultra-triathlon competition and a career in graphic design into original, comfortable, high quality cycling and triathlon apparel.

As a dedicated distance athlete and now professional Ironman, co-owner Josh is extremely demanding on athletic apparel, particularly the more technical garments such as bib shorts and triathlon suits. It is paramount that garments don’t cause injuries, such as chafing; don’t impede performance due to having been made from sub-standard fabrics; or simply wear out too fast.

Our garments are made from premium Italian fabrics and chamois, selected for their technical attributes to optimise performance and provide supreme comfort.

We are currently transitioning to a more considered trading approach that better reflects our vision for a more responsible and sustainable future. Some of the processes we are implementing include a committed conversion, when and where practicable, to high content recycled fabrics; partnering only with responsible manufacturers; periodic pre-ordering to reduce overproduction; biodegradable packaging; and giving back via donations to organisations dedicated to restoring and conserving our diverse ecosystems and habitat and to those dedicated to helping in times of crisis. 

We hope to create positive impact through showing there are ways we can all—big or small—work towards greater sustainability and be Better Than Yesterday.