From time to time we run pre-order campaigns to assist in the production of appropriate quantities and sizes to fit with immediate demand. It is an important component of our overall goal towards zero waste. It may be for a specific cause, such as a charitable fund raising effort, or to test demand for a new product. In some circumstances, we will offer exclusive pre-orders, where the garment will not be available for general sale.

From an environmental perspective, overproduction is extremely detrimental. As it is, the clothing and textile industry is one of the largest polluters and consumers of natural resources on the planet. Overproduction exacerbates this unnecessarily, along with creating millions of tonnes of wasted off-cuts, threads, dyes and unused clothing to landfill every year. Only a small percentage currently is salvaged for recycling.

As an added bonus we always offer pre-order items at a discounted price and for peace of mind, our Returns & Exchange Policy applies to all of our sales, including pre-orders.