After months of research, sampling and garment testing, we are excited to release our first Consciously Created range of cycling apparel made from high performance, Italian recycled fabrics. This release comprises 18 different garments with a minimum recycled yarn content of 85%; even more excitingly several contain 100% recycled yarn content.

We have put the new garments through the rigours of many 7+ hour days in the saddle in various weather conditions and they are a testament that sustainability does not mean compromising quality or performance.

Our ultimate goal is to convert our entire product range to recycled materials – including zippers, grips and other trims, once our fabric mills produce them and we are satisfied, through testing, that they meet our strict performance criteria.

We hope you are as excited as we are, and welcome you to read our Sustainability Mission to see all of our new initiatives and to appreciate that this is more than just our mission, it’s our passion and our promise to continually strive to be Better Than Yesterday.